Thursday, April 1, 2010


Jobs I want and think I would be good at:

- Cartographer
- Xenoethnographer
- 2040 Olympic Croquet course designer
- Hero (although I would probably need some super powers. Or maybe just powers. Even some skills would be nice…)
- Coffee snob (is this a job?)
- Harrison Ford
- Death panelist
- Talking head (either the kind in a jar or the kind on TV, I’m not picky)
- English gentleman-adventurer
- Robot

If you can think of other jobs I might be good at/want, leave a comment!


Caitlin Rose said...

How about a talking head, like in the band. You should learn an instrument though. Or you should go to Stunt Man school. love, C

Camber Carpenter said...

For some reason I can see you as an elephant trainer.

I'm searching for employment now, too. And I'm fully realizing my lack of skills that don't involve oversized plush costumes.

You could also be a video game model.
Bed tester at Ikea.
Footsie Master.
Inspirational speaker.

But really, I think you're a humanitarian. So you should set up The Andy Janes Foundation for People Who Need Help and Then Andy Will Do Something Magical To Help If He Can Association.

Anonymous said...

Ever since you started this blog long long ago, I've always thought you'd make a GREAT, CBC, you from auntie c

Anonymous said...

You could be...
- Lion tamer
- the Canadian remake of Indiana Jones
- Croquet equipment carpenter
- Arrested Development Season 4 writer or actor (You would _have_ to be a North Dakotan that gets in fights with Gob over hockey and other things "Canadian" and his "American" ignorance. "North Dakota, I know this, that's a part of Canada!")

but not
- Armadillo catcher

You're welcome.