Sunday, March 17, 2013

And Off We Go!

Well, it's been a crazy/exciting week at SXSW, as it usually is, but tomorrow morning we're packing up the car again and driving the 7 hours out to Big Bend National Park, where we'll be staying for about a week. I'm assuming we'll start posting more after that. Up to now it's just been music festival adventures; just two chilly nights of camping in Austin and then staying with some friends.

As for SXSW, we managed to see 68 shows over five days, with 56 different artists, 39 of which we had never seen before. It was pretty intense and we're pretty exhausted today, as you'd expect, (especially our feet) but today is a rest/laundry day, so taking it pretty easy.

On Monday, before the festival even started, we took part in an Equality Texas Lobby Day at the state capitol, speaking to State Reps and Senators about workplace non-discrimination bills. It was a pretty rewarding way to spend our first full day in Austin!

Things will probably be pretty quiet from us for the next week or two, since we'll be camping and far away from civilization! But expect updates once we get to New Mexico!

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