Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Oh, and for anyone interested in sending me letters or packages, here is my address:

Andy Janes
c/o Jessica Smolow
Kigali Post Office
PO Box 4875
Kigali, Rwanda

Oh, and when I say this is my address, I mean it is a PO Box in Kigali. Apparently I will not be able to receive mail in Rusumo, and will have to either come back to Kigali for it, or rely on other people picking it up and bring it too me.

Please don't let this stop you from sending me things, especially letters...


Anonymous said...

Andy....be safe and enjoy...i'm sure you'll have 'keeners' as students...letters on the way!!!love from auntie C

Sara Janes said...

Letter 1/? mailed late last week FYI.
And just let me know if there's something that you need shipped. Particularly if it is small and light and fits in a standard envelope. That I can do for you.