Saturday, January 24, 2009

Andy finally, a couple pictures...or not

My Gecko friend at the mission in Kigali.

Ok, so I was only able to get this one picture to load. It just so happens it is the lamest picture I was going to post. Great. I guess I'll try again later.

My humble abode in Nyakarambi

Obama Watch Party – Still early in the night. By the end, we'd more than tripled the number of people in the room. It's definitely a moment I'll never forget – watching a candidate I'd worked for getting inaugurated President from halfway around the world. Rwandese see in Obama the same sense of hope and intelligent leadership that so many others see from across the globe, and the possibility of the US taking a positive lead in improving the lives of those in the developing world seems real once more.


Anonymous said...

You and your obsession with lizards and things....gross..haha
Love Mark
I hope things are going well!

Sara Janes said...

Aw, he is still cute.
Should have brought him with you.