Saturday, March 28, 2009

Exam week

Exam week is finally over. Who knew how exhausting it would be?
(Teachers, probably.) I supervised 8 different examination periods
and as of this writing, I’ve marked almost 200 exams. I’ve got about
another 130 to go. (When I said last week I had 140 exams to mark, I
was confused. That was just one class’ worth.) Whereas everything I
own is usually covered in chalk, now everything is getting ruined by
red ink. I’m also veering closer and closer to insanity. It probably
shouldn’t bother me so much that more than half of my students can’t
spell the words ‘holiday’ or ‘exam’ (or that I didn’t realize that
most of them didn’t know what ‘spell’ meant until the week before the
exams), but it does. There has also been some new information just
given to me by the head teacher about how I was supposed to structure the
exams and how many points I should have collected from the students
during the first term. Damn lot of good it does me when I find out on
the last day of exams. Oh well, I guess I know for next term.

On a brighter note, I got limes at the market! (Or Consol got them
for me.) I actually asked for two or three, but I ended up with about
10. Any ideas about what I can do with them? I’ve been squeezing
them into my water, but I still have more than I need.

Interesting fact for the week: When talking about music, some genres
are easy to explain. Others, such as Folk, Indie and Country and
Western, are a little harder.

One week until I go to Kampala! Getting very excited! The trip might
also interfere with blogging so don’t worry if I don’t post for the
next 2 or three weeks.


Oh, and Steve, I’m pointedly ignoring your inane comments.


Caitlin Rose said...

Son, you need to get yourself some Tequila! love, C

Camber Carpenter said...

I know what "spell" means. I used to cast them on you all the time back in Pierson days.

I require photographic evidence of your Ugandan adventure.

Sara Janes said...

What sort of other things can you put with the limes?
I'd try them in hot water, if you've got it -- add a tiny bit of sweetener.
Or just eat 'em. Tastie.