Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Post Haircut

I’d like to start off by saying Happy birthday Grandma! Hope you have
a great day, and that things are going well in St Thomas! Oh, and i
just saw two palm trees, so I suppose there are at least a couple here
in Rwanda.

Things are going well here in Nyakarambi. The first term is almost over;
in fact, I finished my classes this week. Next week is all review,
the week after is exams and the next one is for marking. After that,
I get two weeks holiday! I’m not sure what I’ll be doing for that,
but most likely traveling, possibly to Uganda.

During last couple days, we’ve been painting the library at my school.
I don’t mean just painting the walls white, or what have you, but
actually painting art/pictures onto the walls. It’s great! We got a
couple of VSO artists to come down, as well as a Rwandese artist from
Kigali. We also got the kids involved. We had about 10 students
working there yesterday, painting pictures of everything from cows and
pigs to microscopes and cells. It is going to look amazing when it’s
finished, and I’ll try to post some photos (if the internet lets me).

Last weekend I finally got to go see more of the countryside. We had
a muzungu party in Kibungo with Worldteachers, VSOs and a guy from
some health organization. After that I headed up to Nygatare to visit
some other people in my program. Nygatare is in the north-east part
of the country, pretty much my counterpart in the north: the
volunteers there can see Uganda from their house. It’s a nice town,
larger than here, and much flatter. It looks like it’s trying to be
what you would think of as stereotypical Africa savannah. Apparently
they also have monkeys. As you can imagine, I was quite disappointed
that I didn’t see any.

I guess that’s about it for this week. I’m heading into Kigali for
the weekend (in desperate need of hitting the bank and buying some
anti-malarials), so hopefully everything is open when I need it!


Caitlin Rose said...

I might be able to see Russia from my house in Mongolia! Also, I miss you! love, C

Camber Carpenter said...

What can you see from your house, Andy? France? Chile?
I hope Caitlin can see Russia. If so, I will nominiate her for a high public office.

Kimberly Harer said...

Lookin' sharp, Mr. Janes. I love reading about your experiences in the Land of Far Far Away; particularily adventures involving bugs...haha. Take care. Miss ya!